The Wild Man Hunt – Hints & Gift Pics

1. Alphamale: Stay Focused. Look Straight Ahead.

2. Juice: It’s so dark in here I can’t see anything. Will someone please switch on the lights?

3. Shiki Design: Are you an Urban Cowboy?

4. Razorblade Jacket: Even a wild man should play it safe

5. SF Design: Head south for uniforms pirates and santa! the man who has ‘NoBody’ holds the prize!

6.Cat’s Cradle: Follow the Paws

7. Wicked Inc. : Wild Men racing through the stars on a Mardi Gras night have a good chance of winning.

8. Update: Closed 4/17

9. Beldimi Gestures :

10. Lushish Catz : How ‘Bad’ do you want it?

11. Onward to 13! :

12. See above :

13. Robbish : Hey you, lets have a look at something new

14. LnL Square : Click the red “i” (hint giver) by the hunt posters

15. M&M Celtic Design : Click Wild Man Hunt Sign for hint

16. Update MIA 4/27/11 :

17. Leather Bound:

18. Tree House Treasures : Hint giver at the store

19. Evaki : Hint giver at store

20. Ali Couture : The grass is always Greener in the other room

21. Grumble : Checkmate

22. Be Happy Store : You are bad, go to that corner!

23. Stars! : April showers bring May flowers

24. AIDORU : Jewels on yer fingers

25. Zoe’s Garden : Click Hunt Poster for Hint

26. La Flat : It’s hard to read when the jackets are so distracting

27. NLimbo Poses : The Plant needs “W”ater

28. Wicked Sexy Cycles : There’s alot of chrome to polish!

29. Stone’s Works/Loch Avie : Roll out the barrel or somewhere near and you will find the fun!

30. Kustom : Haha, I’m not THAT easy. Look for me, you’ll be glad you did.

31. Barefoot Apparel : I look scruffy

32. Onward to 33!

33. Watanabe : To find your prize, you don’t have to to go to college..or maybe yes?  

34. Sascha’s Designs : Why so Blue?

35. Pipper’s Place : There are BEE’S in my Everyday Thing’s Shop and I need A big strong WILD MAN to get rid of them for me…..

36. Dragonlady’s Closet : Don’t chase all over the shop looking for your gift!

37. Avatar Bizarre : Between the Steampunk and the Zodiac, you’re bound to find something. Do you have a sextant?

38. RoseHaven Designs : If you’re missing your package, take it up with the postman.

39. JE Club Equipment : Don’t forget to tip

40. Cozy : Are you sleeping, are you sleeping brother John?

41. The Pumpkin Head : All tired hunters are welcome to sit down and eat something.

42. Urban Republic : Fast. Easy. Fun

43. MollyWorld Dwellings : Do you think the Innkeeper would buy you a drink?

44. Cuda : Look hard at what we have….that’s the SPIRIT

45. Dark Water Design : Signs, signs, everywhere are signs……

46. Bella’s : When I get Wild, I color my hair a Wild color and go shirtless.

47. Blaisdale and Co. : Wild men are not afraid of animal prints.

48. MW Fashion :

49. Electric : Hint giver at store

50. Joe’s Ink :

51. Musical Dreams : Lie next to me in the Atrium

52. Never Ever : If you find the fire you are in the right place.

53. Loka Design : Slap the hint giver!

54. Wilson’s Designs for Men : Grab a Sweater

55. Black Cat Bones : It’s NEW!

56. Tough! :’s so cozy here and sooo warm during winter months

57. Poses N Props: Has anyone seen that Wild Man “James” anywhere?  I heard he has a satchel of goodies

58. Let’s Get Dirty : Handle with Care

59. Blaspheme : Hint at store

60. Reila Skins : Hundred Balloons of happiness.

61. The Gentry : Don’t lean back too far when you sit or you might get wet.

62. yntzshapes : Honey I’m home!

63. Flash Designs : The Clock is ticking…

64. Brocade Tiger : This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind

65. Tryst : Waterfalls look best at sunset.

Wicked Inc.

Wicked Inc.




Loka Design Gift

Dragonlady's Closet

Dragonladys Closet

Barefoot Apparel

Barefoot Apparel

Black Cat Bones

Black Cat Bones

MW Fashion

MW Fashion

Zoe's Garden

Zoes Garden

M&M Celtic Designs

M&M Celtic Designs

Wilson's Designs for Men

Wilsons Designs for Men

The Gentry Gift

The Gentry Gift

Lushish Catz

Lushish Catz



Blaisdale and Co.

Blaisdale and Co.

La Flat

La Flat



Juice Menswear

Juice Menswear



Brocade Tiger Gift

Brocade Tiger Gift

Kustom Gift

Kustom Gift

Stars! Gift

Stars! Gift


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